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To Zenotec Pharma

I have had arthritis in my knee making it painful to do the things I like.  I tried so many brand products which did not work and doctor recommended take regular injections. After one month of taking Zentril, I was shocked to find that I could walk without any painful. Zentril is my miracle cure.


Teacher Lillian

  Bandar Botanic, Malaysia



To Zenotec Pharma

The osteoarthritis knee pain really became an issue. After taking Zentril one month it was gone, I was shocked to find that I could walk better! , It has been three years without any treatments.  Zentril is my miracle cure, saving me thousands of ringgit compare with previous treatments.


                                                                                                Tan Sew Hoon-75



To Zenotec Pharma

It has been a life changing experience. Over the past many years I have endured the steady deterioration of both my knee pain .The increased pain and continued loss of mobility, as well as psychologically. Like most patients I have tried various treatments and the doctor recommended double knee replacement surgery. However, after taking Zentril I was amazed to experience less pain with increased mobility. I can also go up and down stairs without too much of a problem and able to do things I have not been able to do before.

Jonathan Kan