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Category : Dezema
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Dezema is made up of special formulation which provides extra moisturising effect, anti-inflammatory properties, and works as mosquito repellent. This product is SLES free and is suitable for all ages including baby.
Syndet Formulation:
  • Prevents Ca2+ and Mg2   binding which is a best solution for skin itchiness
  • Provides moisture protective layer after cleansing and prevents skin dryness

Natural pH Balance (4,5-6.5 )

  • It possess natural pH balanced formulation. Thus it ensure skin antibacterial characteristic.

Mosquito repellent


  • Dezema contains kaffir line which known to be plant based mosquito repellent

SLES Free( Laurel sulphate.Na )

  • Does not contain SLES and fragrance. (It’s a surfactant used in almost every cleansing product; SLES eliminates the natural moisture layer of the skin, which led to skin allergic condition.)

Kaffir Lime

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Act as mosquito repellent.