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Zenbac Disinfactant Spray

Category : Zenbac Disinfactant Spray
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Price : MYR 45.00

Zenbac Disinfectant is formulated in Citrus, Lavendar, Lemon and Green Apple fragrances with sanitizing power that eliminates odour and disinfectant power that kill 99.99% of bacteria commonly found airboned in enclosed area or on any surfaces. Zenbac Dinsinfectant is a more effective metered aerosol”, providing both longer lasting effect and healthier air over larger volume area. It is ideal for places such as washrooms, car interior, building lobbies, hospitals, reception halls & high traffic area etc.


  • Kill 99.9% of fungi, viruses and bacteria
  • Kill cold & flu viruses
  • Disinfect hundreds of surfaces in your home
  • Sanitize soft surfaces 
  • Prevent mold and mildew from growing for up to a week 
  • Eliminate odors at the source 

Do you know…?

  • In the right conditions, bacteria like Escherichia coli (e-coli) can divide every 20 minutes so that in only 8 hours a single bacterium can grow to nearly 17M bacteria.
  • Bacteria and fungi can thrive anywhere warm and moist in your home. But viruses are different. Around one hundredth the size of a bacterium, viruses need to be inside a living host in order to reproduce. It’s through this process that they cause disease.